Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Right Wing US television to rubbish Kerry on eve of election: Michael Powell at center of controversy

This morning Fox News broadcast a distorted and deceptive series of reports designed to give the impression that the international community was falling into ranks behind George Bush.

This broadcast was nothing more than propaganda.

The Fox news feature was based on interviews with right-wing speakers from the Heritage Foundation and other happy clappers for the extremist regime of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

The real story about Bush that is now dominating the international media is that of shock at the Sinclair Group's plot to sabotage the presidential election with the broadcast of a rancid piece of propaganda in prime time on the eve of the election.

This Sinclair propaganda piece was made by career Kerry-hater, Carlton Sherwood, who has been stalking his prey for many years.

One of the most outrageous details of this plot is that the son of Colin Powell is in a powerful position to reign in this blatant abuse of the public airwaves.

However, international audiences are already betting that Michael Powell will acquiesce to this open conspiracy to violate the spirit of the Federal Communications Code.

The Sherwood film is being categorized as news, but it is far from a legitimate news item.

The fact that Sherwood has taken archive shots of Kerry is even being used to argue against the equal time requirement.

According to the reports in the international media, since Kerry appears in the piece, the equal time requirement would allow the Bush campaign more time for a response - and not Kerry.

This is nothing less than the arrival of doublethink in Bush's America in the form of a horrible realization of the goals of Orwell's 1984 - Ignorance is Strength; War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery.

What I recommend is the production of a searing documentary focussing on Bush's desertion of his duties during Vietnam to include the CBS interviews of Ben Barnes inter-cut with images of Bush strutting under the Mission Accomplished banner and a collage of his gaffes, grimaces, smirks and strange bulges from the recent presidential debates.

This anti-Bush piece should be launched at the same time and in the same markets as the Sinclair broadcast of Sherwood's smear of Kerry.

These tactics clearly reveal that the Bush campaign is desperate and worried. With one more debate to go, they should be.

Kerry should go for the knock-out blow, and when Bush raises his voice, Kerry should return fire. Kerry should be both vigorous and vicious in this final confrontation.

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